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Garniture tapes

We offer Garniture tapes and Nylon suction bands with excellent quality. They are suitable for all low, medium and high speed cigarette and filter makers.


Our tapes have enhanced life time due to the special fiber technique used in their production.


The tapes can be made of Kevlar or Linen and if the customer desires they can be made with special silicon coating on the surface to increase the friction with the paper.



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Polypropylene films

We supply high quality BOPP shrinkable and non-shrinkable films suitable for wrapping of soft packs and hard boxes as well as overwrapping of outer cartons.

Our films come in bobbins cut to the desired width and thickness range from 16 to 25 microns.


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We always keep on stock in our warehouse in Plovdiv very high quality Triacetin for filter rods production.

Our triacetin is Food grade and comes with all required Certificates for safe use in your product.



COLOR/Chroma (Pt-Co)
25 MAX.
DENSITY (25/25 C DEG.)1.154-1.164
AS0.0003% MAX.
ASH0.02% MAX.

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Cigarette paper and plug wrap

We supply cigarette paper made by PURICO within the following range of properties:

  • Weight from 20 gsm up to 30 gsm;
  • Porosity from 20 CU up to 150 CU;

Velin and verge style papers.


Non porous plug wrap paper up to 30 gsm.
All of the papers are suitable to run on low, medium and high speed cigarette makers.
We maintain always


on stock Cigarette paper 27 mm width, 50 Cu, 6000 m bobbins.

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Tipping paper


We supply tipping paper made by PURA GROUP in large variety of designs. Our production range covers the traditional cork tipping as well as white tipping papers. All of them can be manufactured with customized designs including golden or silver lines, brand logos, etc.


The latest features allows our customers to lift up their brand image using Hologram band or Foil band combined with printing if necessary.


We also supply sweet tipping used to enhance the smoking feel of little cigars or cigarillos.


For those who need to reduce tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels we can provide tipping micro-laser perforation with the desired ventilation levels.